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Property in Gozo

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Gozo, the sister island

Gozo, the sister island of Malta is perfect for those who wish to break away from the hustle and bustle of life. It is known as a refuge for retirees, both local and foreign. This is not to say that other ages are not able to enjoy the tranquil and sunshine of Gozo. An island that you could call “the old Malta,” it is basically a haven, where one can go hiking, enjoy the clean beaches and spoil themselves to delicious and rich, Maltese traditional food.

Property in Gozo

Unlike Malta, it has not been over-built. This calls for a panorama-like urban landscape, that spreads itself across Gozo. The lack of city-like construction means that the market offers property types that are usually farmhouses, townhouses, and apartments with lovely seaside views or penthouses. Whatever property you wish to invest in, you can find it on the web. It is a frequent occurrence for both expats and Maltese to buy property in Gozo and this is because the property prices are much less than that of of Malta. Also, anyone residing in Gozo can take a boat trip to the island; either to Cirkewwa, the North of Malta, which is just twenty-five minutes or with the new implementation of a ferry to the capital of Malta; which is a boat trip that will take you roughly forty-five minutes.

Property in Gozo

The benefits of buying a property in Gozo

The benefits of buying a property in Gozo is that you will also be able to become a permanent resident on the island. This asset will give you the right to travel without a visa to Schengen countries. You will also have the right to study, work, and benefit from tax friendly schemes. Maisonettes, penthouses, and apartments have remained relatively at low bidding prices. On the other hand, terraced houses had increased slightly in pricing, but this is also dependant on location. Property value will permanently depend on its location, size, and fluctuations in the market. The market had struggled because of the pandemic outbreak; therefore this caused an overall decline in prices.

Properties in Gozo

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