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The Top Roseville CA Accountants

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Look no further for qualified accountants than Cook CPA Group in Roseville, California. We provide tax preparation and financial planning services to hundreds of local individuals and businesses. We offer competitive prices, so our services stand out from the crowd.

Individual Tax Services

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We provide high-quality California CPA services when you need them. If you are filing a single return, head of household, or joint return, we can help. Additionally, we help you comply with offshore tax rules. Our accountants will ensure you receive every single credit and every deduction available. Thanks to our competitive pricing and local service, you pay less in taxes and save on preparation costs.

Business Tax Services

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It can be challenging to file business tax returns. A CA CPA can handle strategic tax planning. We can help maximize deductions for your corporation. Additionally, we can assist partnerships in finding the tax breaks they need. No matter what kind of company you run, Cook CPA Group can help reduce your liability while increasing your profits.


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An audit can provide you with the opportunity to hire a CPA California, and federal tax laws are tricky. Often we spot a problem other auditors miss. We audit companies that require their company’s board of directors to hire an auditor regularly. Banks and investors may also require audits, and we can handle those as well. Our qualified accountants are there for you if your business needs regular audits or if the IRS has asked you to perform an audit. 

The Roseville community is something you are a part of. Wouldn’t it make sense for your accountant to be as well? If you need assistance preparing your personal or business tax return, or if you need assistance taking care of a tax audit, our knowledge and experience are on hand to assist you. We offer a free consultation. Call Cook CPA Group today!

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