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A few kitchen design trends will remain timeless classics, such as white cabinets and quartz countertops. Meanwhile, other fashion trends and styles change with each passing year. In that case, it’s not necessary to overhaul your kitchen every year. Remodeling your kitchen may have great returns, but it isn’t worth shifting your schedule every year!

There is good news, however, since the trends are divided according to various kitchen areas. In the event that you want to paint your walls a different color, but your counters are still fine, then focus on the shades of the paint. Take a look at these trends and start building your dream kitchen. Colours, cabinets, countertops, and other trends are part of these categories.

trendy w aranżacji kuchni


There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to colors, and not just classic looks like the white kitchen or black closet. There is still a trend toward neutral tones, but the latest trend involves mixing bright colours and maximizing pastels. Countertops, cabinets, backsplashes, and wall paint are all possible with the colours themselves. Modern, contemporary, classic, and rustic styles are also compatible with these new shades.

1. Modern colour contrast 

Modern décor makes a statement with color contrasts, but not only based on neutral contrasts. To completely transform your kitchen’s appearance, use bold colours. Ideally, you should follow the 70/20/10 rule. Cabinets, countertops, and walls account for 70% of the kitchen’s primary colour. The accent colour represents 10%, while the third colour represents 20%.

Imagine the cabinets and kitchen island being a bright teal color, or even a bold purple. Use a complementary mix of pinks or blues in a pastel balance on the backsplash or a feature wall. In addition to picking up colour from the furniture, lighting fixtures, barstool and plants, the final 10% can be added to accessories when you buy hash online.

2. Contemporary: bright colors with neutral undertones

Modern and contemporary kitchen design trends both have a focus on vibrant colours. To offset those brighter shades, the base colours are more neutral. The countertops are stone grey, and the cabinets are blue-green. The chairs are red, and the feature wall is red. Bright, colourful accents brighten the space and draw attention to a particular feature or part of the room. Cabinets located at eye level or an island in the center of a kitchen will benefit similarly from a color pop feature. If you want the main focal point to be noticeable, then you should locate it in the middle of the room.

3. Classic styles of off tones and simple shades 

Classic palettes are sure to remain a popular trend for many years to come. A classic kitchen is characterized by dominant whites and beige. As a result, the new classic trend incorporates soft colours and off-tones. Think of ivory or white dove instead of pure white. If you prefer traditional grey, go for shades of pewter or steel. Gentle pastel shades are used in the simple shades to perfectly complement the off-colors. Pastels are popular choices, as well as pinks and even mint greens. Classic colour palettes feature complementary accents and subtle touches here and there, instead of the other colour trends.

4. Rustic and natural wood and earth tones

The trend of rustic kitchens is taking a turn for the better once again, contrary to other colour trends. The traditional practice of painting wood cabinets over has now been replaced by leaving them unpainted. Choose earthy paint tones to complement wood. To enhance the natural beauty of the wood, dark greens, reddish browns, and steel blues work perfectly. Wood is becoming more popular for kitchen cabinets, islands, and countertops. Traditional lighter wood species are being replaced by darker varieties. Choose from mahogany, walnut, or dark maple, which are popular and aesthetically pleasing choices.

5. Opened up shelving

Having a hard time finding cabinet doors that you like? The new look is open shelving, so don’t worry about refacing them. In an enclosed room, removing the doors creates an open and spacious feeling. Alternatively, you can add some shelves to the kitchen space, or replace any cabinets in the kitchen with open shelving. The look will work for any kitchen, whether it is big or small. Furthermore, that further expands your decorating options. The table can be decorated with more than just plates and cups. The interior of the cabinet can be painted or wallpapered in a bright color to add more colour to the look. They’ll stand out more if they contrast brightly with other colours.

6. Colors are in 

Taking cues from the bold colors of furniture in your kitchen, leave out the white accents. It is also important to factor in how colors affect moods as well. An energetic mood is created in the kitchen by bright red, which is striking and bold. To provide some balance to all that energy, make sure you add some neutral colors. The color green is also positive and creatively enhancing, so if you like to cook, then this is an ideal colour for you. Consider accents of silver or violet for a more tranquil kitchen. Using the correct colors to create a particular mood will help you achieve that.

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7. Storage solutions that are smart

Using smart storage not only makes your kitchen more convenient, but also maximizes its space and enhances its functionality. You can easily store bulky cookware without wasting space in deep drawers for pots and pans or cookie sheet drawers. For deep and hard-to-reach cabinets, carrousel racks are ideal. To allow easy and convenient access to cleaning supplies or spices, install narrow pullout drawers. Kitchen islands can often function as storage areas for baking utensils or appliances such as a microwave or a mini-fridge. Make the most of the space in your kitchen by installing clever storage when you buy hash canada.

8. Hands-free features

A hands-free kitchen isn’t only a function of technology. As well as minimalist kitchens, hardware-free cabinets are also becoming increasingly popular. The space looks streamlined and streamlined when handles are hidden or touch-releases are used. Because there is not much eye-catching hardware, the attention is directed to the overall design, colours, and layout of the smartphone. For a hands-free kitchen, walnut wood or cabinets that reach the ceiling will be the perfect addition.

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