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5 Ways Roof Cleaning Is Worth The Time 

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5 Ways Roof Cleaning Is Worth The Time 

By Big G Roofing & More 

You don’t have much spare time as a busy homeowner. Is it really worth the time and effort to have your roof cleaned? Absolutely! Cleaning your roof every two years keeps it looking clean and new throughout the year. You can enjoy the following benefits for a minimal amount of time invested. Your roof is one of the most prominent things that is visible at first look, as it protects you and people living in your house from outside elements. A roof is one of the most important parts of construction and durable material is used to ensure it can hold up well without wearing down. Here are a few benefits of roof cleaning on time.  

  1. Decay Prevention 

Moss, dirt, and algae on your roof can attract various types of pests, resulting in infestations. Algae begins to form on tile roofs that are not cleaned on a regular basis. Bugs and critters can cause damage to your roof and accelerate its deterioration. Cleaning fungus and algae from your roof can protect your home and keep unwanted visitors at bay. While algae may seem like black streaks, it can cause early damage to your roofing components. Cleaning and treating your roof with a time-activated algae prevention solution will remove and stop algae growth. 

  1. Improve Appearance 

Is there anything more appealing than a spotless roof? When your roof is clean, you can relax in your backyard without being bothered by a dirty roof. Your entire home’s exterior will appear cleaner and more polished, which guests and neighbors will appreciate. Roof cleaning includes removing leaves, dirt and debris. Even if you are planning to sell your house, a clean house attracts more buyers and shows them that it’s maintained-on time.  

  1. Extended Lifespan 

Replacing a tile roof is a big job that you don’t want to start any sooner than necessary. The better your roof is maintained, the longer it will last. Having your roof cleaned will help it last longer. To avoid additional damage, make sure you only allow a certified roofing contractor to clean your roof. 

  1. Cost Savings 

You may be wondering if having your roof cleaned is worth the cost. Roof cleaning typically saves homeowners money over time. You’ll save money by deferring roof replacement. Furthermore, regular cleaning preserves your roof’s warranty, ensuring that any problems are covered. Regular roof cleaning can save you money in the long run because your roof will be in better shape, experience less wear and tear, and last longer. 

  1. Time and Effort Savings 

You will also save time and effort by having your roof cleaned. You won’t have to worry about your HOA contacting you about the filthy roof. You also don’t have to worry about your neighbors mocking or criticizing your maintenance efforts. Furthermore, when your roof is clean, your siding stays clean, which means you won’t have to spend as many weekends scrubbing streaks off the siding. Big G Roofing will save you time and money by cleaning your roof. 

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