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The betting industry

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betting sites

Betting sites are companies that – generally speaking – deal with accepting cash bets on the results of sports events, sometimes also political, social or entertainment events. Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world.

Gambling has always been present in human life. There is evidence that horse racing was organized in ancient Mesopotamia, that dice was played in India, and that in ancient Rome and Greece gambling bets – such as chariot racing and wrestling fights – were the order of the day.

Sports betting, known today, was born in England in the 18th century. Wagering on money for various events flourished with the development of sport, and football in particular.

betting sites

The betting industry in the world

It is estimated that the global gambling market is worth around 495 billion dollars, of which a large part is accounted for by sports betting. Although it is difficult to find official data in this case, there are grounds to believe that betting coupons at bookmakers is one of the most popular gambling games in the world.

What do betting sites offer?

At first it may seem that sports betting is just betting on sports results. Yes, sport is the largest part of bookmakers’ offer – from global disciplines such as football or tennis to niche sports such as darts or cricket. Both in Poland and in the world, however, non-sport bets concerning political, entertainment and social events are becoming more and more popular. At the bookmaker, you can bet on the results of elections, TV talent shows winners or the gender of celebrities’ children. The British are undoubtedly the most crazy about this point – in the UK you can guess absolutely everything, by the names of the next royal babies, to the places where snow will fall at Christmas.

If you don’t know which betting sites to use, visit the ranking list of the top betting sites with no verification.

betting sites with no verification

This is influenced by several aspects. First of all – for some time now, betting operators have been dynamic companies with a positive image, taking care of their PR, sponsoring sports clubs and other events.

Secondly – sports betting is full of emotions, and often there are big winnings that stimulate the imagination. One cannot forget about the numerous bonuses that are intended to encourage players to make typing. These are simply amounts of money that the bookmaker promotes to the players, which they then use to predict the results without risking their money. Of course, you have to be moderate, because betting – like any form of gambling – can be addictive.

In some countries you should only use bookmakers legally operating, i.e. with a permit issued by the Ministry of Finance for arranging betting via the Internet. Participation in illegal bookmakers is associated with the consequences of exposure to high fines and criminal liability.

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