Alarm systems vs Security Screen Doors and Windows

In California, a burglary happens every 16 to 18 seconds. From simple theft of packages to break-ins, America has seen an increase of crime and in response more Americans are investing in home security systems. Peace of mind is what every homeowners deserve and more people are willing to pay to get that very piece of mind they so deserve. Whether its security cameras, an automated or monitored alarm system security screens or just deadbolts. Keeping your loved ones and valuables safe are home and business owners’ number one concern.

Home and business owners that invest and implement security measures are much more likely to be at risk of a burglary. Even simple measures such as having a barking dog will scare off 61% of criminals as well as visible signs and sticks alerting all that you have an alarm system installed will scare off about 49% of intruders. The best combination a home or business owner could wish to have is an alarm system along with security screen doors. These two options are both excellent investments, but which is the better investment?

Benefits of Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are great because they allow for 24/7 surveillance and monitoring of your home or business. Whether you set up your alarm system yourself with products such as the Arlo home security cameras or sign up for a monitored service such as ADT. Your home is primed and should an intruder attempt to enter your home or business, an alarm will sound alerting both the home or business owner, the monitoring company (if a monitored alarm system was installed) and local authorities. The biggest benefits of having an alarm system installed is that it makes it very difficult for criminals to get away with their crimes, some insurance companies offer discounts for having an alarm system installed, property value is increased and home and business owners have peace of mind when they leave their property for an extended period of time.

For non-monitored alarm systems such as the Arlo cameras mentioned above, when the alarm is triggered, a notification is sent to the property owner’s phone or tablet. The home or business owner will then have the option to contact local authorities.

Drawbacks of Alarm System

Alarm systems may be great at deterring some intruders then making it difficult for criminals to get away with their crimes, they do not necessarily prevent break ins. No, they merely record what happens and allow the local authorities to deal with everything afterwards. At this point, unfortunately, the damage is already done, property damaged and stolen as well as the horrible lingering feeling of your personal space has been violated. Visible alarm systems do a sufficient job of warding off a large portion of intruders, but nothing beats the benefit of having a solid physical barrier protect your home or business.

Benefits of Security Screens

Security screen windows and doors are some of the most cost-effective security investments home and business owners can make. Installing industry standard security screens place a physical barrier between criminals and your loved ones. Doors and windows are usually the first line of defense, especially in cases where there is no fencing around the property. Keeping those doors and windows secured stops even the most dedicated criminal at the point of entry

Customizable security screens can be fitted to any size opening in your home or business. Securing any door or window with screens that are made from aircraft grade steel woven together to create the most reliable layer of protection. Keeping criminals at bay is not the only benefit of these screens. Security screens look nice, adding a modern look to your home or business and increase property value. The screens limit views from outsider but do not obstruct your view looking out of your home or business. These screens also provide excellent shade, block 60% of harmful UV rays and keep out pests all while allowing for natural circulation. This lowers the owner’s utility bill by reducing the usage of air conditioning units.

Drawbacks of Security Screens

Security screens are only as good as the frames you install them with. When investing in military grade steel security screens you want to make sure every dime invested goes to good use. While companies such as Home depot offer to sell standard sized security screen doors to those DIY go getters. Unfortunately, not all door frames are “standard sized.” Many door frames warp due to mother nature whereas others may just have different measurements than that “standard size door screen”. This makes it more difficult to secure your door and will impact the security level you are after. Materials to consider when choosing your screens and frames are aluminum grilles, aluminum perforated sheets and aircraft grade steel mesh.

Weighing the Options Out

Both alarm systems and securities screens are great options to choose when trying to lower the threat of a burglary, however, in the long run, premium security screens are the most cost-effective option. Having a physical barrier stopping criminals at the point of entry gives you a higher level of security. These steel mesh screens with aluminum interlocking frames are built in a way to prevent any kind of blunt or sharp damage and well as any prying by intruders. Alarms only alert you when a break-in is in progress and record the event. The question for you should be, would you rather record someone violating your personal space, or prevent it from ever happening?

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