Baby-proof your home using baby gates

We have different types of baby gates in the market to choose from. The common ones are pressure mounted baby gates and hardware mounted baby gates.

Best Baby Safety Stair Gates

According to Carol, baby gates product designer at, baby gates are highly recommended for babies’ ages 6-24 months. As babies pass 2 years they may start climbing over them leading to falls. It is advisable if they are no small children in the house it is good to remove them.

Importance of Baby Gates at Home

Importantly, these baby gates can be used around the home to keep your baby safe by restricting movement to dangerous areas in the house. Firstly, the kitchen, where we mostly do our cooking as this is one area that she can get burnt. Also, the toilet where the baby can get access to detergents and bleach used for cleaning or the staircase.

Baby gates can be used to seal off important rooms in the home like a home office where you keep important documents and equipment’s.

Besides that, baby gates create safe space for baby playing areas, as your home could have not been child proof or don’t have doors to rooms you want to restrict her/him from.

Areas where Baby Gates can be used at Home

Depending on which areas you want to seal the baby from get the right gate by checking the pro and cons of each type of baby gate.

We have baby gates for top and bottom of stairs, hallways and doorways.

Clearly, babies can suffer accidents at home and need to be monitored every time. Especially, during their toddler ages (1-5 years) when they are learning to crawl and walk.

Just like grownups babies love to explore their surroundings, you may leave her in the play mat or playpen playing and next time she in the kitchen watching you cook.

It is easy to monitor newborn babies using a baby monitor in their crib, nursery or bassinet as you do your house chores.

Baby gates can be made of metal, wood or plastic. Despite this, ensure the one you buy meet the safety standards.

Check for any parts that may pierce or hurt your baby like loose chipping, poisonous coatings, loose hinges and loose screws.

Types of Baby Gates

Let us look at the different types of baby gates and where they can be used around the home. To start with, we have the pressure mounted baby gates.

  • Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

Pressure mounted baby gates are easy to install as they do not require drilling or screwing. It is a great choice for parents or people who do not want to drill holes in their walls.

Even with pets at home you can seal off the areas to let the dog or cat have their own space as the baby plays in a separate area.

Pressure mounted baby gates comes in various designs and varieties. Particularly ones with child lock to prevent the baby from opening the door, some can open both ways which is convenient if you are on either side of the gate. Before buying the baby gate measure the spaces you want to install it to get the perfect fit.

Pressure mounted baby gates can be installed at the bottom of the stairs, doorways and hallways. It is not advisable to put them at the top of the stairs as the baby can be able to push or open it and fall down getting injured. Furthermore, the gate is wedged into place by pressure against the wall or doorways without drilling.

In addition, do not leave the gate open even for a second that could be the day your baby might get through to the sealed area and get hurt. Supervise the baby and when old enough to climb over or open the gate, remove it.

Moreover, it is easy to install and dislodge as no hardware tools are required. Lastly, adults can easily open using one hand even when carrying laundry or groceries.

  • Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

Have peace of mind with this baby gate for stairs, best placed at the top of the stairs. Hardware mounted baby gates requires drilling, screwing and bolts during installation. Best for top of stairs due to the tight installation. Tools are required for installation.

Can also be used on hallways and doorways and for a perfect fit, measure the spaces to install appropriately. It involves drilling and brackets can be installed on the door frame to permanently secure the gate in place so that it does not fall.

Final Thoughts

Without a baby gate at home one is always on the look out to save small babies from something falling over them like a bookshelf, or from falling at the top of stairs or bumping into an open door.

When bringing a baby home safety becomes first priority and baby gates come in handy when baby proofing your home.

Finally, with dogs or cats at home baby gates can be used to create boundaries and safe spaces for all parties involved without creating havoc. You can check out for more information about baby gates with cat flaps.

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