Affordable HVAC Services in Marin and Sonoma County

The HVAC team at McDonald Home Solutions specializes in the maintenance, installation, repair, and replacement of air conditioners, furnaces water heater installation, water treatment, air quality, and water treatment systems. A company based in Rohnert Park, California, they have been providing heating and cooling services to Sonoma County, Marin County, Napa County, and Solano County, offering the highest quality heating and cooling services a budget can buy. At McDonald Home Solutions, our team is dedicated to making your home or business a pleasant place to be.

HVAC Services in Marin and Sonoma County

Air Conditioning Services

Because the summer heat is way too hot, you may find your house uncomfortable. All you have to do is make a phone call to get the cooling you need! Your family’s comfort in your home is very important. McDonald Home Solutions provides the best cooling solutions. We do everything from AC repair and replacing appliances, to exchanging equipment, to servicing and installing appliances, so you never have to worry about any of it.

Indoor Air Quality Services.

Does it seem like you are suffering from issues with indoor air quality (IAQ)? At McDonald Home Solutions, we do not believe there is any substitute for good air quality indoors. With our air quality services, our primary goal is to protect the safety and quality of air held within a home or office. Would you prefer a specific air purifier? Do you want the ductwork fixed or replaced? Our technicians are equipped with the best training and experience for the job.

Home Heating Services

You may have noticed that your furnace has been acting up lately. You won’t have to be burdened by home heating with our professional home heating services. Our helpful technicians will provide you with furnace repair services, a new heater, or regular maintenance services for your furnace.

Air Conditioning Services

Residential Plumbing Services

Do you have plumbing systems in need of repair? By arranging plumbing services, you protect your home from the damage caused by plumbing problems. We have been cleaning and siphoning septic tanks for decades, and our technicians are the best in their field. The plumbing professionals at our plumbing company can handle all types of plumbing jobs. The expertise and experience we have allow for us to handle any task, no matter how big or small it is.

Water Treatment Services

Your faucet water should already be softer and purified when it exits the tap. When you work with McDonald Home Solutions, you will be in an ideal position to take full advantage of the trend. Whenever you require water treatment services, you can rely on us. Whenever you have questions regarding water softener solutions or purification services we offer, we are always here to help.

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