Lawn Care Services Available in Orlando

Lawn Fertilizing

You will be able to enjoy a beautiful, green, lush lawn with our fertilization and weed control services. You can count on us to keep your lawn healthy and get rid of invasive annual weeds. With our extremely affordable rates, you get the most value for your money – while receiving tailored treatments fit for your commercial, industrial, or residential lawn care needs!

lawn care

Organic Fertilizer

Quality fertilizer is important! The organic fertilizer we offer is made from probiotics, microorganisms, and fulvic acid, which gives your lawn the ability to repair itself without putting unnecessary stress on the surrounding plants and animals. No worries if you are not a big environmentalist – we highly recommend Holganix at UltraGreen for several reasons.

Mosquito Control

We offer mosquito control services to help prevent diseases caused by insects, such as Zika, EEEV, and Lyme disease. Don’t let these annoying outdoor pests “suck” the fun out of your next outdoor event. Whether it’s residential or commercial mosquito control, the UltraGreen team can help you solve that mosquito problem. Our company is dedicated to keeping our customers safe from these and other outdoor pests!

mosquito control

Disease Control

We offer affordable residential and commercial services to help with disease control by reducing insect and fungus infestation into your lawn. UltraGreen has the answers for whatever is ailing your lawn or is posing a threat to people who walk on it. Maintain the health of your lawn and the people on it with professional lawn care services at a competitive price.

Flea Control

Our flea and tick control service will ensure your outdoor living spaces are free of these pesky insects. Because of the life cycle of fleas and ticks, the only effective control methods require repeated applications. Pest control and prevention should be an ongoing process to keep these pint-sized pests out of your outdoor spaces!

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